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  • MICA PIGMENT POWDER: Natural mica powder is an organic and finely grinded stone, serves as candle and soap making colorant as well as bath bomb dye, handmade soap dye, nail and slime pigment powder.
  • CANDLE AND SOAP MAKING KIT: Candle making powder pigment dye and organic bath soap making kit is something of a wonder, because of its all-around application and demand, making it unique.
  • RESIN PIGMENT POWDER: This epoxy resin dye kit contains red mica powder that can be used when working with resin. Otherwise known as glitter mica powder which adds special design characteristics to jewelry.
  • SLIME MAKING SUPPLIES: The pigment powders for slime are the answer to slime creation. Vivid kids’ imagination is wide open for them to experiment with a kaleidoscope of colors available in this slime powder set.
  • MAKEUP PIGMENT POWDER: Being natural and organic, with its wide range of colorful pigments, mica is a perfect nail pigment powder set for a variety of makeup and lipstick applications.

Mica powder is grinded to perfection stone, with added variety of colorful pigments. The application of the dry pigment powder is widely versatile, making it unique. Mica pigment powder creates the depth effect and adds shine and shimmer to the desired product.

This cosmetic powder pigment is used as lip pigment and makeup pigment powder. These rainbow pigment powders are kids’ delight when it comes to finding a perfect slime making set.

These soap making pigments are fast melting dyes and they do not migrate. They keep vivid contours for some time, thus are perfectly suitable for handmade soap boiling. They are widely used for producing the unique colorful soap and are easy to use as bath bomb colorant or as soap dye supplies. Mica powder is non-toxic, suitable for soap making, and is ideal for bath bomb making. This pink, resin pigment black, pearl, red and gold mica powder are not absorbed by the skin and leave no traces. They keep their brightness and do not fade. Epoxy pigment powder is a perfect choice, both for beginners and experts in soap and bath bomb making and used as epoxy resin dye.

Candle making colorant needs to be cut into small cubes (1-2 cm) before melting. Use special heat-resistant dish if melting the product in microwave oven, 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of base melt in about 20-30 seconds. When using water bath, the base melts at 158-176 °F. The proportion of mica pigment powder is 0.002-0.007 oz. per 3.5 oz. (100 grams) of soap base. It varies, depending on how deep the color is desired. When adding the powder, either for epoxy resin, slime pigment creation, soy candle making powder, bath bomb or soap making pigment, please make sure to stir thoroughly to avoid lumps, or add glycerin for better mixing experience. While pouring the soap into the mold, sprinkle some alcohol during and after the soap base is being poured, to avoid the bubble forming or foaming up. The 3.5 lbs. of the base completely cools down in the mold in 5 minutes.

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